The Flush of Success

Recently, I was working with a new client who wanted to release some old, limiting beliefs that were sabotaging his progress. This is done by going back to the first time a traumatic or upsetting event occurs that makes one believe they are unlovable, not good enough, not smart enough, etc. The event is recalled and we use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to neutralize the emotions that were felt at that time and are still felt even now.

I usually explain the way EFT works by likening a traumatic event as a kink in a garden hose that blocks the normal energy flow. The tapping while feeling the emotion pushes out the kink so energy can flow freely again. Usually, one feels calmer and lighter as a result, and the event is neutralized and no longer affecting them negatively.

This client had an even better way of expressing how he was feeling after tapping–he said that it felt like an emotional Drano flushing out his pipes! I like his description better!!!

Keep smiling!