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Janet Berg
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by Mary Dawn Halterman on Janet Berg
EFT Zaps Fear of Insects!

My 9 year old daughter Hailey had a terrible fear of any kind of insect. Janet was wonderful with her! Taught her the EFT technique and it is amazing how well it works!! Before she would get so upset if she saw one, she would scream and cry (let alone run the other way!). When we returned home she was outside with no incidents!!! That was wonderful for her!! We can’t thank Janet enough!! Highly recommend!

by Jackie Osborne on Janet Berg
Overcame Fear of Driving

If you're a skeptic: don't be! Janet's treatment legitimately works! For a few years now I've had a fear of driving long distances and by myself. It showed up out of the blue and put a serious pause on my life when I had to leave for college. Two years of fear, and after ONE session with Janet, I am free from that fear! I have successfully driven home from college (a 2.5 hour drive) TWICE by myself with no worries. Then from home to Columbus and back to school, easily 6 hours of driving and with no one in the car! I can't thank Janet enough for the confidence she gave me and the fear she released.

by Nancy Burton on Janet Berg
Stopped Smoking!

I was a smoker for 40 years. After my FIRST session with Janet I occasionally thought of smoking but didn't. After my SECOND session the thought of smoking was a distant memory. I wish I had done this sooner. The best money I ever spent. I would recommend Janet to anyone.

by Nick on Janet Berg
Passed My NREMT Paramedic Test

Janet is AMAZING! If it wasn't for her I know for a fact I would not be a paramedic and would have never passed my NREMT paramedic test. I have severe test anxiety and was told by three coworkers that I needed to get hypnotized, but I just ignored them thinking I didn't need to--- boy, was I wrong! I had taken the test four other times prior to getting hypnotized and failed 4 out of 5 categories each time I took it. I was talking about how bad my test anxiety was with one of the guys who also had the same symptoms as I did. He told me he got hypnotized after he failed his test the first time and on his second try passed with no problem. I honestly was a little nervous about getting hypnotized because I had no idea what to expect. After meeting with Janet I have never felt so confident and relaxed about taking a test in my whole life. I just wish I would have known about her sooner. Thanks to Janet I am free of test anxiety and am forever grateful for the opportunity to meet her.

by Tammy on Janet Berg
Amazing is an understatement!

I would have never believed the transformation in my son if I had not seen it myself! Due to a series of life events my teenage son lost his confidence and developed anxiety. My once, very talented athlete was ready to quit sports and give up on social activities because it just became too much to perform in front of a crowd. The only answer I received from a psychologist and medical doctor was to give him medication. Before I allowed him to give up sports I asked him to give Janet Berg a chance. As a seventeen year old boy he was hesitant but agreed. My son met with Ms. Berg one time and became a different person. Not only does he have his confidence back but he deals much better with conflict and in the three games he's played since his session he has scored more points than he did in the last two years combined. Thank you Janet Berg for giving me my son back. Words can't express how much we appreciate you taking the time to work with him and help him overcome his anxiety. Because of his time with you he is able to not only continue with sports but also has the skills in place to deal with life's difficult situations. Ms. Berg truly changed my son's life for the better and we are eternally grateful.

by Meredith C on Janet Berg
EFT Changed My Life

"I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am to have found Janet online. I have always been an anxious person, but the panic attacks were growing more frequent and seemed to last longer as I have gotten older. I was having trouble staying focused and experiencing periods of insomnia. My doctor recommended I take a cocktail of anti-anxiety medication which left me feeling like I was perpetually in a haze. I knew something needed to change. During my first session, Janet and I discussed some of my past events which have led to my anxiety. We began practicing the EFT techniques during the first session; I felt indescribably better.

By practicing the tapping techniques Janet taught me I am more in control of my emotions and triggers; I have become a lighter, happier person in such a short time. She helped me realize the panic attacks are not because I am unable to cope with situations, but because I have not cleared out the fears of not feeling safe and comfortable from my past. By tapping I am recognizing the fear, acknowledging it, and clearing it out of my way. Tapping is easy to learn and can be done anywhere to address feelings as they arise (no need to wait until later and try to recall the event that caused a panic attack at another point in your day). With EFT I am able to get right back into my work and help others rather than feeling on edge and emotional or feeling groggy from medication.

Janet is such a kind hearted person and so easy to talk to without any judgment. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs assistance. I wish I had found her earlier in my life as EFT could have certainly have benefited my 20 year old self but I am forever thankful she came into my life now. It is never too early to take back the power of your emotional health; with Janet, it is also never too late to reclaim it. Thank you so much for all you have done."

by Stacy Peace on Janet Berg
FREE from Anxiety!

I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder in 2007. I have struggled for over 7 years with daily panic attacks and anxiety. I have been on multiple medications and have been in therapy for many years.

I am always searching for the latest information or therapies available for my condition and found that past life regression can be helpful. I found Janet’s site and made an appointment with her. She helped me discuss the best plan and we moved forward with the R & R Program. Her gracious style and loving manner eased my tension immediately upon arrival the first time.

We eventually performed the past life regression on May 27th. I actually saw everything that was gripping me. A date came to mind and I even retrieved a full name of who I was. We gently closed the past together. When I arrived home I researched “who” I was and all the information was true right before my eyes!

It is now June 25, 2014 and I have not experienced a single panic attack or any episodes of anxiety. I am finally FREE after 7 years of agony!

I am so very grateful for Janet and her expertise. I highly recommend anyone suffering with anxiety, depression or panic attacks to visit and explore Janet’s offerings.

by Dusty on Janet Berg
Self-Confidence Restored!

"I highly recommend Janet Berg! After a family member had seen her for help and had such success, they insisted Janet could help me as well. I wanted to build my self confidence and to motivate myself to make healthier choices so I could lose weight. Immediately after my session, I felt much lighter and more confident. Like I dropped a heavy weight off my back. I joined a Zumba class the next day and really enjoy going. I make wiser choices when I shop for food and when I eat. I know it will take time to lose weight and get healthy and don\’t beat myself up that it\’s not happening as fast as I think it should. I feel more confident in my self-image and in things that I do. Shopping for clothes is no longer a frustrating and tearful experience. I accept and like who I am and what I see. If it doesn\’t fit, I don\’t make it a personal attack on me. I just smile and find something else. Now I look in the mirror and smile. Any self destructive words stop and change before I can even say them out loud. They just don\’t sound \”right\” any more. It\’s like there\’s verbal auto correct. No judging, no unreal expectations, no comparing what I \”should\” look like, no tearing myself down. I feel good in my own skin. I like who I am. When I audition, I have so much more confidence and have gotten the part I had wanted to get. What makes it so neat is this just IS. I don\’t think about the confidence being there– it just is. My family and friends have noticed how much more confident I am and are so happy for me. I feel like I am in charge of my life now and am happy. And not letting something else beat me down. It feels freeing and so wonderful!"

by Brad Ruppert on Janet Berg
Past life Regression explains it all

“As a college student on the verge of deciding my life\’s path and purpose, I was looking for some guidance and came across Janet on the internet. It turned out to be one of the most life changing experiences of my life. The past life regression she took me through made everything in my life make sense. My past life resembled a lot of what is happening to me now and gave me some insight on how to handle my current life with a more relaxed, intuitive perspective. Janet is a true master of her craft and I will recommend her forever. Thank you so much for your help!!”

by Rochelle Bowen on Janet Berg
Finally Quit Smoking!

“Finally in ten years I can honestly say that I AM A NON-SMOKER! I used to be the typical smoker that was always waiting for the opportune time to quit smoking. I was in search of that point in my life that was maybe less stressful or when I was done with college or maybe after I started a family. But the excuses kept coming to continue smoking and even after several attempts to quit I continued to smoke. I finally found that the perfect time to stop was when I couldn’t smoke worry-free anymore. With each cigarette came this guilt that I was too weak-willed to stop, the worry about the health risks, and financial burden caused by my bad habit. I knew I needed to quit. Even more importantly, I knew I needed help to beat this addiction.

My help came from Janet Berg in the form of Hypnotherapy. Janet Berg has truly changed my outlook on my health, wellness, and overall image of life and healing. It’s been two years since my wonderful experience with Janet’s sessions and I’m still enjoying the freedom from the smoking habit. Janet had helped me uncover the strength buried within myself to win against my destructive behavior. I now have the freedom from smelling of smoke, from wasting money on cigarettes, and the best part is that I have freedom from even craving cigarettes anymore.

Janet not only provided me with this amazing transformation but did so in a very comfortable and welcoming environment. The session began with an hour long open discussion about the triggers and my frustrations with the smoking habit. Because of this she was able to customize the hypnosis to my needs for the best results. And I couldn’t have had better results! I am constantly recommending Janet Berg and her services to my friends and family or anyone else battling the smoking habit. I always want to share my experience so if anyone reading this has any questions please feel free to e-mail me and I will be happy to describe my experience in more detail. It is an amazing sense of accomplishment knowing that I have overcome an addiction once and for all that had once overcome me.”

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