Artwork - Pastel Pet Portraits, Animal Paintings & More

Art critic Daniel Brown has said of Janet’s work, “Berg’s pastel and oil paintings of landscapes reveal an inner spirituality…her inspirations are inner/outer, within nature and within herself…the work is tranquil and calm…Berg’s art refreshes, nurtures, and uplifts us spiritually.”

We are our most spiritual selves when we create. The journey that we take through this process is like our journey through life: a beginning; then, learning and experimentation; discovery; and finally, integration of all the parts into the whole.

Through art we can explore and express our deepest feelings. Emotions can seem more manageable when we can depict them. In the creative expression of our inner landscapes, we can free ourselves from self-limiting beliefs and replace them with peace, joy, and healing. Of course, the pure pleasure of working with color and being in the moment are reasons enough to paint!

Janet’s work can be viewed and purchased at the B&B Fine Art Gallery and Studio at the beautiful Brian Manor in Lebanon. Gift certificates are available and commissions accepted. Call 513-680-1875 for an appointment.

Pet Portraits in Pastels

Our pets give us unconditional love, and a portrait immortalizes this very special relationship with them. Portraits are painted from favorite photographs, and prices begin at $275 for a 9” x 12” pastel (unframed). Other sizes, framing, and shipping are also available on request. Portraits make wonderful, lasting gifts for any occasion, or for remembrance.

Janet Berg’s pet portraits were featured in the article “Animal Magnetism” (Design Magazine, May 2004). They have also been chosen for display, along with her other works at Homearama. Her portrait of “Sarge”, a Siberian husky, is featured on the Great American Art Works (personally chosen 39 colors) Animal Portrait Assortment box of handmade soft pastels.

Please Call 513-680-1875 For Pricing & Availability. Click to learn more about Reiki Practitioner and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Janet Berg.