Summertime Fun(k)

Summer has arrived in all of its hot, humid splendor.  As children, we explored, played, swam, sweated;  summer vacation generally meant fun, carefree times. As adults, we sometimes are so harried with responsibility, obligation, anxiety, and fear that we forget to allow ourselves to breathe, much less have fun.  Where does this anxiety and fear come from?  The 24 hour media blasting at you from all directions talking, talking, talking—filling up their endless air time with conjecture based on little fact doesn’t help. The negative energy surrounds us.  What can we do?

Take some time to chill! Turn off the TV! Step away from the computer and phone!  Be in gratitude for what you have. You cannot be in gratitude and feel bad in the same moment!  Choose to see the good around you. Give yourself the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation.  A quiet walk in the early morning noticing the flowers, birdsong, the awakening of the day.  Perhaps a quiet meditation, gentle stretching, some deep, cleansing breaths. Do a good deed for someone.

If you cannot find a way to relax and enjoy life on your own, you may want to explore releasing your fears and anxiety through energy work, massage, Reiki, hypnotherapy, EFT,  or other modalities.  Why wait?