Past life regression interview

past-life-regression-picMany people are interested in past life regression. Perhaps it is due to the nagging feeling that something is not right or the negativity one often feels for no particular reason. Why do we feel strong connections to places we have never been or an affinity for a certain time period? People want answers. Recently, a curious young man conducted an email interview with me about the subject. Below are some of his questions and my answers:

1.) Janet, how long have you been practicing past life regression? What first got you interested in this fascinating subject?

I have been practicing past life regression for about 15 years. Many years before, I became very interested in metaphysics. While going through a very tumultuous time, I experienced a regression. It showed me the origin of some deeply held emotions and helped me understand and then let go of them. Later, along the way, I had an epiphany that I should help others through this work.

2.) Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis. Could you tell me a little more about your process? What are some things that separate your process from other practitioners?

Regression is reached through a normal relaxation induction, just like any other hypnosis. Sitting in a comfortable recliner, feet up, eyes closed, soft music and gentle suggestions to relax and allow the memories to come into the mind. The client is able to talk with me and relate their experience as it happens. As a facilitator and guide through the process, my concern is to support the client in a safe place and at a safe distance as the memories are accessed. Before finishing, the client is directed to move into the highest levels of their mind to have an overview of their learnings, and then to release any part of that which has been creating limitations in the present. I do not know how other practitioners do it, but this technique has been successful for me.

3.) Why should people undergo past life regression? What are some of the benefits?

If a client has a fear or a phobia that they can’t relate to an experience; relationship difficulties; life patterns that keep repeating; a strong attraction or aversion to a person, place, or time in history; sad feelings that are pervasive and can’t be explained; a talent or gift that is very strong; and sometimes just curiosity are a few reasons clients give. Benefits include relief from negative feelings, explanation and resolution of certain feelings or patterns, release from fears or phobias, and acceptance, among others.

4.) What is the Soul? There is the idea that past lives burden the Soul with the accumulation of feelings from those past lives. Therefore, does undergoing past life regression free the Soul?

Everyone has their own explanation of the Soul, but my feeling is that it is the spark that makes us alive. It carries all past life experiences, the personality, and purpose or mission into each incarnation. I suppose you could say that with the (karmic) release during the process, it sets the Soul “free” from that burden.

5.) What is your opinion about critics of past life regression who claim that the memories are not actual memories, but social constructions?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But I believe the emotion that arises during the regression is proof that it is coming from a very deep place within. While undergoing a regression, it is common to feel as if you are “making this up”, because it is such an unusual experience. My understanding is that dreams are 15% reality and 85% construct, and that regressions are 85% reality, and 15% construct. You are free to interpret this in your own way.

6.) Is there anything else you would like to say on past life regression?

Most people think that a regression is experienced visually like a movie, but that only happens part of the time. It can also be experienced kinesthetically, as a thought, a knowing, a feeling, a smell, or just flashes, like still photographs. These are all valid. And even though much of the experience is interesting and enjoyable, parts of it can bring up some rather serious and traumatic experiences and intense emotions. There is no way to know ahead of time. Think of it as a valuable tool to help you understand your life circumstances and feelings that have not had explanation.

Pleasant journeys,


*Image courtesy of Janet Berg