It’s Time for Renewal!

Spring will be arriving soon and with it hopes of renewal after a long, hard winter. We have visions of bountiful crops of flowers and vegetables. We prepare the way for planting by clearing old, dead brush and tilling the soil so it can accept and encourage the seeds. We can’t expect a good result if the soil is full of rocks and weeds and is stripped of all nutrients.

Spring-RenewalIt is the same for our mental gardens and us. What is growing in your inner landscape? Are your thoughts frozen in past experience and regret? Perhaps you have self-limiting beliefs or unresolved emotional issues that block your growth and happiness. Are you nurturing anger or resentment? How can you bloom with all of that in your way?

Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, is an excellent and easily learned method of removing those stubborn weeds (negative emotions) permanently. As the way is neutralized and cleared with this simple but elegant tool, seeds can then be planted (with Hypnotherapy) to encourage new growth. Space is opened up for positive thoughts and energy to fertilize our garden and flourish.

The time is now to clear the way for a fresh start. Let’s work together and make it happen!


*Image courtesy of Janet Berg