Healing at a Distance

Did you know that healing energy can be sent over a distance?  Reiki and EFT can both be utilized for distant healing.  Recently, a woman who I had never met called me asking for help.  She was not able to come into the office as she had no transportation.  She was clearly in a “meltdown” and unable to calm herself.  We decided that I would “send” her Reiki energy.  I had her text me a photo of herself that I was able to use as a focus for the energy.   I then instructed her to lie down in a comfortable, quiet, place where she would not be disturbed for the next half hour, while I was “sending” the energy.  After the time was up, I spoke to her and she was very calm and in control.  We set up a time for another session in a few days to work on further clearing with some other modalities.

Anyone can learn Reiki and with a second level instruction and attunement can do this as well!  If you would like a distance healing session, or would like to learn Reiki yourself, contact me at 513-680-1875.

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season!